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This ongoing monthly subscription will give you unlimited access to the entire library of prenatal and postnatal yoga videos. You can practice anytime, anywhere.

  • Prenatal Yoga Full Practices

    6 videos

    These longer practices will provide all over attention to the pregnant body, addressing specific areas of discomfort common in pregnancy through stretching and strengthening. Cues and sequencing area also designed with the particular needs of the pregnant body in mind.

  • Yoga for the Pregnant Low Back

    5 videos

    Low back pain is the number one complain of most pregnant students. It often starts early and continues throughout the entire pregnancy. Utilize the videos in this collection to help address low back discomfort through gentle stretches and strengthening to support the low back.

  • Yoga for Pregnant Beginners

    5 videos

    Many people begin yoga during their pregnancy when its suggested by a care provider. Beginning a yoga practice can feel challenging or intimidating especially when we're pregnant. These videos are designed to help get you comfortable with yoga through shorter, gentler practices. Not just for begi...

  • Yoga for the Pregnant Hips, Legs & Pelvis

    10 videos

    As baby grows and the body changes, the pelvis and legs take on an extra load an more work as a result. Tightness and discomfort are common and building strength is crucial to continuing daily actives and general movement and workouts. These videos area designed to help address pelvic pain and st...

  • Yoga Breath Practices & Meditation

    5 videos

    Pregnancy and postpartum can be stressful times full of worry, anxiety and sleep loss. These meditations, breath practices and yoga nidra practices will help you achieve more restful sleep, a calmer mind and deeper relaxation.

  • Postnatal Yoga Full Practices

    9 videos

    Postpartum it is challenging and uncomfortable to return to "regular" yoga practices. These full yoga practices are designed with the specific needs of the postpartum body in mind and will provide strengthening and stability accessible to the body at this time, combined with stretching relaxation...

  • Yoga for the Postpartum Core

    8 videos

    Utilize longer and shorter practices to help rebuild strength in the postpartum core. These practices are designed specifically with needs of the postpartum body in mind and will help you safely rebuild strength in sustainable way, minimizing abdominal separation and creating overall strength in ...

  • Yoga for the Postpartum Neck & Shoulders

    5 videos

    The neck and shoulders are a common area of complaint postpartum. Daily life with a baby including holding, rocking and feeding put strain on this area combined with weakness in the core can lead to excessive discomfort in the neck and shoulders. Utilize these videos to help address tightness and...

  • Yoga for the Postpartum Core: 4 Part Series

    4 videos

    Through yoga and breath we'll explore the components of rebuilding the postpartum core including: supporting abdominal separation, strengthening the pelvic floor, addressing postpartum posture and how to link breath with movement both in class and out to help retrain and heal the core. A must for...