Yoga for Pregnant Beginners

Yoga for Pregnant Beginners

Many people begin yoga during their pregnancy when its suggested by a care provider. Beginning a yoga practice can feel challenging or intimidating especially when we're pregnant. These videos are designed to help get you comfortable with yoga through shorter, gentler practices. Not just for beginners though, these practices are perfect for everyone whether you've been practice 1 month or 10 years!

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Yoga for Pregnant Beginners
  • Prenatal Yoga Restorative Practice 22 min.

    Prepare to release tension and stress in this restorative yoga practice designed for pregnancy.

  • Prenatal Yoga Bed Time Practice 16 min.

    Unwind from a long day and prepare for bed. Insomnia is very common in pregnancy and this practice can help your body and mind relax before heading off to sleep.

  • Prenatal Yoga Wall Practice 10 min

    Have a wall in your home? This practice is for you. We'll use the wall for added stability and support, great for 3rd trimester or those with multiples but also perfect for a practice that feels just a little bit different.

  • Prenatal Yoga Chair Practice 10 min.

    Chair practices are perfect for days of low energy or for those carrying multiples. This short practice can also be done as a break during a workday.

  • Prenatal Yoga Chair Practice 4 min.

    This short practice is perfect if you're feeling tired or if getting down on the floor feels like a lot. Great for parents of multiples or as just a quick break at your desk.