Yoga for the Pregnant Low Back

Yoga for the Pregnant Low Back

Low back pain is the number one complain of most pregnant students. It often starts early and continues throughout the entire pregnancy. Utilize the videos in this collection to help address low back discomfort through gentle stretches and strengthening to support the low back.

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Yoga for the Pregnant Low Back
  • Prenatal Yoga Low Back 10 min

    Lower back pain is the #1 complaint in pregnancy. This short practice will help you build strength to support the back and also stretch tired achey muscles. Perfect for the start or end of the day.

  • Prenatal Yoga for the Low Back 9 min.

    Low back pain is the number one complaint of most pregnant students. This quick 9 minute class will help address low back aches and pains and can be done alone or with another class.

  • Prenatal Yoga Posture Support 8 min.

    As baby and belly grow the posture is increasingly impacted by the body's changes. Use this practice to help correct postural misalignment and better support your back and belly throughout your pregnancy.

  • Prenatal Yoga Mid Back Release 5 min.

    The mid back area (around the bra line for those of us who wear bras) is a common complaint mid 2nd trimester and 3rd trimester. This short practice will help get to that uncomfortable area and create some ease.

  • Prenatal Yoga Core Practice 5 min.

    Core work during pregnancy? It is possible! Here is a short practice to address the needs of the pregnant core and continue to build strength throughout your pregnancy.